Purpose + Money = HappyRich

HappyRich Philosophy

Aristotle declared ‘Happiness’ as the “Summum Bonum”, the chief good. People have desires, such as power or wealth or losing 10 pounds, as they feel it may lead to happiness, but their real goal is happiness.

All over the world, when asked “what people want most in life?” and “what they want most for their children?” – people answered ‘Happiness’. I have personally spoken to many people and asked them “What is the purpose of your life?” Though it is a very profound question and people find it difficult to answer, no one has ever told me that the purpose of their life is to earn 15-20% return. Yet, when it comes to investing, this is what most people think about – either Returns or Higher Returns.

We have always believed that there has to be a simple and powerful way to help people achieve their goals and to find their version of ‘Happiness’.

Thus, our HappyRich philosophy is a very simple equation “Purpose + Money = HappyRich”. (Check out our video to understand the equation better).

The HappyRich philosophy is a very powerful roadmap, which has worked for thousands of families, helping them to find their version of ‘Happyness’ and earn the ‘Best Return’ on their Life.

Live HappyRich!