Is the Party Over?

Last week, there was this interesting post on PitchBook titled “Softbank’s Losses Signal the End of the VC Era.” The Author, Andrew Woodman, writes, “On Thursday we learned ….Read More

The Way to Price

Pricing is a complex subject (not to mention the creativity that is often required in it) and one that is rarely understood by most people. Knowing the costs of your services is no ….Read More

The Leadership Test

We all have limited time, attention and energy. But at the same time, we all face two sources of pressure. The first one is the need to perform and the second one is the need to t ….Read More

The 2 Types of Clients

I came across this outstanding tweet that I am sure you will find super insightful. This is simply spot on. A visual that explains the two types of clients extremely well. We a ….Read More

The $10,000 Per Hour Work

This post was actually supposed to be a part of my book “The HappyRich Advisor”, but during the editing stage, I decided to reserve this one for later. The concept for the $10, ….Read More