The Real Value

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Amar Pandit

A respected entrepreneur with 25+ years of Experience, Amar Pandit is the Founder of several companies that are making a Happy difference in the lives of people. He is currently the Founder of Happyness Factory, a world-class online investment & goal-based financial planning platform through which he aims to help every Indian family save and invest wisely. He is very passionate about spreading financial literacy and is the author of 4 bestselling books (+ 2 more to release in 2020), 8 Sketch Books, Board Game and 700 + columns.

We have always looked at technology from a productivity or efficiency perspective.

“I can do this cheaper.

I can save more time.

I can do this faster.”

But no matter how fast technology is, there is no technology that can ever increase the speed of an in-depth conversation between two humans.

And it’s this human-to-human conversation that generates the real value in a typical financial professional – client relationship.

Thus, our technology should also focus on this important source of real value.

The question then is – How are you leveraging technology to capture this real value?