The King in You

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Amar Pandit

A respected entrepreneur with 25+ years of Experience, Amar Pandit is the Founder of several companies that are making a Happy difference in the lives of people. He is currently the Founder of Happyness Factory, a world-class online investment & goal-based financial planning platform through which he aims to help every Indian family save and invest wisely. He is very passionate about spreading financial literacy and is the author of 4 bestselling books (+ 2 more to release in 2020), 8 Sketch Books, Board Game and 700 + columns.

In his book “The Leadership Handbook”, Author John C Maxwell wrote an interesting anecdote. “One day, Frederick the Great of Prussia was walking on the outskirts of Berlin when he encountered a very old man walking straight in the opposite direction.

“Who are you?” Frederick asked his subject.

“I am a king,” replied the old man.

“A king!” laughed Frederick. “Over what kingdom do you reign?”

“Over myself.” Was the proud old man’s reply.”

Wow, what a powerful thought.

There is an amazing quote on similar lines attributed to Publilius Syrus, “Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself.”

But ruling over ourselves (or leading ourselves) is the most difficult leadership challenge for all of us. Because we even lack the self-awareness of this issue. And even if we are aware of this challenge, simply acknowledging the issue and taking action can be painful. We feel more comfortable focusing on the outside world.

Fools thus want to rule the world. The wise on the other hand want to rule over themselves.

It’s time to bring out the King/Queen in you.

What are you waiting for?